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The Leslie F​lint​ Tr​ust

Promoting the legacy and archive of Independent Direct Voice medium Leslie Flint

Louise Cook 1901-1991 Ida Cook 1904-1986

The Cook Sisters Collection

After the death of their brother in 1967,

Ida Cook and Louise Cook began visiting different mediums

in the hope of gaining a communication.

Famous for their heroism during World War Two,

the Cook sisters began attending séances with Leslie Flint in 1969.

The séances were so successful,

the sisters continued to visit Flint for the next ten years.

Not only were they able to gain a clear contact from their brother,

their mother Mary and other family members,

they had conversations with some of their war-time friends

and those from the international worlds of opera and literature.

Here are some of those recordings...

Watch a short biographical video on Ida Cook and Louise Cook

On March 11th 1956 Ida Cook was the subject of the British television show This Is Your Life.

Some viewers claimed to have seen the spirit of her friend, Clemens Krauss, on screen during that live broadcast.

A report of this incident, from Two Worlds newspaper, is included at the bottom of this page.

Recorded: March 23rd 1969


Ida Cook, Louise Cook, Leslie Flint.


Clemens Krauss, Arthur, Bill Cook.

Leslie Flint

The Austrian operatic conductor, Clemens Krauss, is first to communicate with his old friends.

After a brief pause, he returns to say he has with him the Austrian stage and film director Max Reinhardt.

The voice of Arthur attempts a communication, then Mickey explains how the sister’s brother Bill is present.

When Bill is able to speak, he greets his sisters and suggests to Louise that she writes a book on spiritual and psychic matters.
They discuss family matters and he tries to remind his sisters of old memories from his youth.

He explains how he is now ‘immersed’ in music, with the help of Clemens Krauss, and is becoming proficient on the piano.
He talks of meeting many great musicians and composers, including Wolfgang Mozart,

and attending concerts in vast auditoriums, where the music is a visual and colourful experience.

He explains how our personal experience of the Afterlife depends on our mental conditioning when we arrive there,

and that each plane of existence contains hundreds of individual worlds, where anything is possible.
He explains how new arrivals can reflect and even analyse themselves
and ultimately accept themselves, without the judgement of others.

Bill mentions visits to lower vibrations, to assist souls who are Earthbound and need help to cross over.

He describes the thick ‘fog’ that surrounds the Earth plane, which is more dense in some places than others,

but clearer where the minds of people can be reached from the spiritual realms.

He ends by assuring his sisters that, with patience, he is confident that the ‘direct spirit voices’ could be attained

in their own home circle, because he has so much more he wants to share with them.

Note: This audio has been enhanced from a poor quality original.

Occasional interference can be heard in the first five minutes.

Recorded: April 23rd 1969

Ida Cook, Louise Cook, Leslie Flint.

Clemens Krauss, Rose Champion de Crespigny,

cousin Harry, Oscar Wilde, John Sloan, Mary Cook.

Oscar Wilde

Clemens Krauss, the Austrian operatic conductor and friend of the Cook sisters, tries with difficulty to communicate,

then the artist Rose Champion de Crespigny speaks to the sisters about her involvement in their home circle.

The sister’s cousin Harry communicates briefly and clearly,

then an old school friend named Elsie Middlemass is next to say a few words.

At 10 minutes and 55 seconds, the unmistakeable voice of Oscar Wilde begins speaking quite eloquently,

but with humorous contempt towards the artificial voice-box - and towards the medium!

At 23 minutes 35 seconds the well-known Scottish medium John Sloan gives a little advice regarding the sisters' home circle,

and the sisters' mother, Mary, whispers a few final words at the end of the recording, before Mickey says goodbye.

Note: Some slight interference exists during the quiet pauses on this vintage recording.

Hear Oscar Wilde communicate
during another séance, recorded in August 1962.

Recorded: September 30th 1969

Ida Cook, Louise Cook, Leslie Flint.

Mickey, Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, Lord Shaftesbury, Mary Cook.

Elizabeth Garrett Anderson

Mickey greets the Cook sisters, he mentions his own family, then asks if they are aware

of the spirit of a Roman centurion who was related to them in an earlier incarnation.

He tells them of a time when the sisters lived in Pompeii during the eruption of Vesuvius

and another lifetime spent in a convent in Italy, and an even earlier lifetime in ancient Egypt.

He gives advice on their spiritual work and reveals yet another lifetime the sisters spent in France during the 1700s.

He explains how there are spiritual teams working with the sisters to achieve certain spiritual aims.

The pioneering English doctor, Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, speaks to the sisters

about the effect of their spiritual work on other souls,

then refers to the spiritual influence on doctors on Earth, by souls who try to help others.

[Slight interference during this part of the recording]

Next, Lord Shaftesbury speaks to the sisters and emphasises the words already spoken.

He refers to the hardships often suffered by the poor during his lifetime

and gives his support to the sisters in their spiritual work.

He shares his philosophy on the spiritual progress of the individual,

then reflects on the available technology to enable recordings to be made

which can be shared with those who are willing to listen and to learn.

Finally, their mother Mary speaks, in a whisper,

also in support of sharing these recordings with many people.

Note: Although this vintage audio has been enhanced, some slight interference remains.

Recorded: December 12th 1969

Ida Cook, Louise Cook, Leslie Flint

Mickey, Marie Corelli, ‘Mr Sandeman’, Bill Cook,

Marie Theresa / various other communicators

Marie Corelli

Mickey wishes the sisters a happy Christmas and hopes the next book Louise writes will be a spiritual one.

Then a whispering spirit voice tries to communicate, eventually gaining strength,

and identifying herself as the author Marie Corelli.

Miss Corelli offers her assistance with Louise’s spiritual writing,
and shares her admiration for the sister’s home circle and then departs.
Mickey returns to discuss Ms Corelli, then their friend Mr Sandeman* communicates

bringing advice and Christmas greetings.

He mentions his opera friends including, Enrico Caruso and Nellie Melba,

then Mickey returns to explain how this communicator is still conducting orchestras in the Spirit World.

Mickey refers to the sisters' love of music, and their large collection of photos at home.

He gives a prediction, then asks them about a children’s organisation.

The sisters' mother speaks briefly, followed by their brother Bill, who struggles to speak at first.
Bill talks of a small dog he is caring for in the spirit world, and explains that all human pets are cared for after they die.

He tells his sisters the séance room is full of other visiting souls and animals, including an old family friend of their mother.

The whispering voices of Emma Wilmot and some German friends, including Günther and Anna, try to break through,
then Mickey speaks of the sisters' friend Etta, who he says needs their help.

Mickey’s voice fades to a whisper, then finally Marie Theresa speaks, giving advice and Christmas greetings.

* 'Mr Sandeman' is Mickey's nickname for Clemens Krauss, the cloak-wearing friend of the Cook sisters.
The name is chosen for his resemblance to the logo of a well-known brand of port.

Note: Although this vintage audio has been enhanced, some slight interference remains.

Recorded: January 20th 1970

Ida Cook, Louise Cook, Leslie Flint.


Mickey, some of the sisters’ friends and family, Archbishop William Temple.

Archbishop William Temple

Mickey wishes the sisters a happy new year and discusses their brother’s spiritual progress.

He talks about their friend Clemens Kraus (Mr Sandeman)

and describes their aunt Mary Ann Cook, her sister Sarah, then Charles and Richard, as family members.

The voice of the sisters’ mother Mary whispers a greeting, followed by their brother Bill,

who refers to his attempts in helping them with automatic writing.

An unknown voice whispers, then Mickey returns with evidence from the sisters’ friends in the spirit world.

Their friend Clemens Krauss communicates directly for a few minutes

and mentions his attempts to get through in their home circle.

An unknown communicator whispers, apparently in German for a moment,

then after a short silence, Mickey returns to help identify the names of their friend’s new acquaintances,

including the Russian opera singer Feodor Chaliapin.

He gives advice about their friend Rosa Ponselle, then Archbishop William Temple begins to communicate.

After a break, Temple returns and mentions his time in the church, his interest in Spiritualism,

and his current understanding of human progress after death.

As the power fades, Temple’s voice becomes quieter, until Mickey returns to say goodbye.

Flint suddenly coughs loudly and the sitters discuss the Archbishop’s communication.

Note: The use of headphones will help with this recording,
since some voices are very faint and some interference remains.

Recorded: April 30th 1970

Ida Cook, Louise Cook, Leslie Flint.


Mickey, Fédéric Chopin, George Sand, Alexandre Dumas.

Alexandre Dumas

The sisters hear briefly from Flint's helper Mickey and the composer Frédéric Chopin

then the French novelist George Sand shares a few words.

Next, some voices are heard, apparently speaking in another language,

and finally Alexandre Dumas communicates.

The famous French author is remembered today for his books, including;

The Count of Monte Cristo and The Three Musketeers.

He refers to his writing and discusses the inherent creative power that we all possess,

and explains that nothing that is created with good intentions
can ever really be destroyed...

Recorded: May 29th 1970

Ida Cook, Louise Cook, Leslie Flint.

unknown male, Charles Dickens, Mickey.

Charles Dickens

Speaking on the anniversary of his death, in 1870,

Charles Dickens explains to Ida and Louise that some his characters

were based on living people that he knew and others who inspired him.

He talks about the people of his time

who were living in poverty and desperate circumstances,

and hopes that his writing helped to raise public awareness

to inspire change for those people without a chance in life.

Dickens also explains that his writing was sometimes influenced

by people in the spirit world, and that he eventually

was able to meet some of the characters he created...

Recorded: July 15th 1970

Ida Cook, Louise Cook, Leslie Flint

Clemens Krauss, Mary Cook, Uncle Charles, Mickey.

Clemens Krauss

Clemens Krauss is the first to communicate, and he refers to Mickey’s use of the phrase ‘you’re a case’.

He talks to the sisters about his musical friends and some they knew;

including Otto, Melchior and Austrian tenor Richard Tauber; who, he says, still sings.

Clemens says they all the great musical talents still make music together in the spirit world.

He mentions meeting Max Reinhardt and other great producers, singers and artists.

He talks about the opera singer Maria Callas, the sisters’ friend Rosa Ponselle and others.

He gives Ida birthday greetings, talks about a visit to the Salzburg Festival*,

and then tells the sisters that he notices small changes made in the home.

Clemens tells them of a forthcoming trip to Paris, then after a brief pause an unknown voice is heard,

then Mickey returns to speak to the sisters.

He talks about their friend Clemens, then gives details of a Polish friend, who died suddenly in the 1950s

The sister’s mother speaks briefly, in a whisper, followed by their Uncle Charles,

then Mickey gives details about their family members and mentions a guide named White Feather.

* The Salzburg Festival of 1970 ran from July 26th to August 30th

Note: This very clear vintage recording has a little interference in the final few minutes.

Recorded: March 9th 1972

Ida Cook, Louise Cook, Leslie Flint

Estelle Roberts.

Estelle Roberts

The renowned Spiritualist and medium Estelle Roberts, who died in 1970, returns here to speak to Ida and Louise Cook.

With over 50 years of experience and abilities that encompassed various disciplines,
Estelle is remembered as one of the world's most versatile mediums in the world.

She often demonstrated her clairvoyance and trance speaking in large venues; including the Royal Albert Hall.

Here, she returns to speak in depth - in only a whisper - to share her philosophy of the great responsibility

of being a spirit medium and the vital importance of the home circle.

Note: Despite enhancement, minutes 17 to 19 are the least clear, in this 50 year old recording.

Read a full transcript of this recording as you listen...

Recorded: May 26th 1972

Ida Cook, Louise Cook, Leslie Flint.

Mrs Stella Campbell, Mickey.

“I have a strong sense of humour and being dead, it's very essential !”

Stella 'Patrick' Campbell

In this unique recording, The Edwardian stage actress

Mrs Beatrice Rose Stella 'Patrick' Campbell

speaks to Ida Cook and Louise Cook about her love of animals

and her relief in finding that animals survive death.

She explains her efforts to reproduce her Earthly voice, for those who would doubt her identity

- as recommended to her by George Bernard Shaw.

Then she shares her own philosophy and gives lots of advice to the Cook sisters

on their own efforts to develop spirit communication;

adding that their group is like an 'oasis in the desert' for people on both sides of life.

Recorded: September 19th 1972

Ida Cook, Louise Cook, Leslie Flint


Mickey, Enrico Caruso.

Enrico Caruso

Ida and Louise Cook speak with Mickey for a few moments,

before hearing from the famous Italian operatic tenor, Enrico Caruso.

Speaking in a gentle Italian accent,

Caruso explains that he had to learn English during his Earth life

- although he found it difficult.

He talks about his musical contemporaries, including Rosa Ponselle and Geraldine Farrar

and refers to his attempts at making movies, which he says were 'terrible'...

Note: This vintage audio has been rescued from a degraded tape.
Although it has been enhanced, some interference remains.

Recorded: January 25th 1973

Ida Cook, Louise Cook, Leslie Flint.

Mickey, Marie Collier, Enrico Caruso, various unnamed voices, Lilian Baylis, Sid, Doris, White Feather.

“It changed all our lives...”

Lilian Baylis

Mickey greets the sisters and suggests Ida writes a book on reincarnation,

then a male voice attempts to communicate.

A whispering female voice then tries to speak, and gives her name as Marie Collier, the young soprano singer.

Marie gains a little confidence in using the voice-box and mentions visiting the sisters’ home circle,

then confirms that her own death, from a fall, was accidental.

Enrico Caruso speaks and explains that first-time communicators do find it more difficult to speak in this way.

Then briefly, we hear a strong female voice, a male voice, various whispering voices and Mickey himself,

all speaking alternately for a time.

A short silence is followed by the strong female voice once more,

then a male communicator discusses the difficulties of voice communication,
especially for new arrivals to the spirit world.
He asks if the sisters have felt psychic breezes or heard whistling sounds in their home circle,

then talks about the various phenomena that could take place, if the vibrations allow it.

He mentions Marie Collier’s death and asks the sisters if they know Stephen Arlen.

The strong female voice returns and gives her name as Lilian Baylis,

the theatre manager who transformed the London theatre scene.

Together they reminisce about the old days and the people they all knew,

including the singers Joan Cross and Constance Willis and the actor Leslie Banks.

The voice of Sid, who worked at the Old Vic theatre, speaks in a humorous way about his time there.

He refers to the Carl Rosa operatic company and recalls the earlier times of

Marie Lloyd, Vesta Tilly, George Leybourne, Harry Lauder and Harry Champion.

An old neighbour of the sisters, named Doris, wishes them a happy new year,

White Feather gives some advice about their home circle, then Mickey returns to say goodbye.

Note: Although this vintage recording has been enhanced, some slight interference remains.

Hear an earlier communication from Lilian Baylis, recorded in 1963

Recorded: Friday, February 11th 1983

Ida Cook, Louise Cook, Elayne Duke, Elayne's mother, Leslie Flint.


Mickey, various family members, Mrs Stella Campbell

Visiting from America, Ms. Elayne Duke attends this Leslie Flint séance with her mother.

Mickey works hard to provide accurate information from their loved ones in the spirit world

and we hear some of them try to speak for themselves.

Regular sitters Ida and Louise Cook discover

that their friend Mrs Stella 'Patrick' Campbell also wishes to communicate

- until Mickey decides otherwise !

Ida Cook in Two Worlds newspaper - November 29th 1958

Our grateful thanks go to Tony, creator of the Big Red Book website, for sharing this archive report from Two Worlds.