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The Leslie F​lint​ Tr​ust

Promoting the legacy and archive of Independent Direct Voice medium Leslie Flint

Psychic News - November 15th 1986

Bournemouth Times - Thursday, December 23rd 1976

Psychic News - August 3rd 1940

Read the transcribed article in the scroll box below...

from Psychic News - August 3rd 1940

“Dead”Air Hero Gives Perfect

Proof Of His Survival


Flight-Lieutenant Peter Kite who was killed when his machine crashed in the Norwegian offensive in April, has succeeded in transmitting perfect proof of his survival.

At a direct-voice seance, at which he was unknown to all but one of the sitters - he met him years ago but knew nothing of his recent activities - he told his full name, gave the correct address of his parents and transmitted information which his mother confirms is “in every way accurate”.

Kite communicated at a seance with Leslie Flint, the direct-voice medium, on Monday of last week. He was introduced by Micky, Flint’s cockney guide, who announced: “There’s a chap here out of the Air Force who wants to get in touch with his parents. He’s very excited. I don’t know if he will manage: I’ll see what I can do”.

Then the dozen sitters heard the excited voice of the “dead” airman speaking to them. No trumpet is used at Flint’s seances; the spirit voices speak out of the air: “Hello. hello, hello!” He repeated. “My name’s Peter. I want to get in touch with my mother. Do please help me, somebody. I was just twenty. I am their only son”.


“I have been to see them, and they don’t know I am there. It’s awful! Tell them I’m all right and tell them I’m not dead. Tell mother I came down in a crash, but now I’m all right. I want them to know.
I was Flight-Lieutenant. Promise me you’ll tell Mum and Dad. Tell them I like the enlargement from the snapshot. Mother's very worried; it's making her ill.”.

From the information given, no one in the circle could identify the boy. W J West, one of the sitters promised the spirit that he would try to contact his parents if he could give sufficient information to enable them to be traced. “Try to give us your full name and address” he said, “and I promise that, if it is at all possible, I will get in touch with them”.


“Oh thank you so much “ exclaimed the “dead” boy. “I had three Christian names - Peter William Handford Kite”. to make sure he had transmitted his name correctly, he spelt his surname letter by letter, K-I-T-E. “I lived at 85 Upland Way, Grange Park” he added.

Then Kite materialised - there have been attempts at materialisation for several weeks at this series of Monday sittings, which are of an experimental nature - and advanced towards one of the sitters, a man named Turner. The spirit touched Turner’s knees and took hold of his arm, as if trying to shake him.

“I know you” he said. “You’re Mr Turner. I was a patient of yours. You took my teeth out!”.
Although Turner had been attending these seances for several weeks, non of the sitters knew he was a dentist. He said he remembered Peter coming to him for treatment some years before but he did not know he had joined the RAF and had not heard of his “death”.

“It’s Peter” went on the spirit, still talking to the dentist. “Tell Mother, please, I’m not dead. She is worrying; tell her not to. Tell her I’m all right”. He repeated that he like the enlargement, as though that message had some significance, and added”

Tell her to give my regards to Edward - she will understand. I'll be very upset indeed if you don't tell them. Tell them to come and talk with me. I want them to be happy. Don't forget, please. Thank you”.

West promised that he would try to contact the boy’s parents the next day and, with a final “Thank you”, the spirit went.

On Tuesday, West went to Grange Park, North London, and at last succeeded in locating the address the “dead” airman had given.


The woman who answered the door admitted that she was Mrs Kite and that her son, Peter, had recently been killed in an air crash. But when she was told a message from her son had been received at a seance the night before, she, knowing nothing of Spiritualism, did not understand.

But West read to her from his notes what the “dead” boy had said and she acknowledged point after point as being correct. The only slight discrepancy was that her son’s third name had been given at the seance as “Handford” whereas it was really “Handsford”. She knew Edward, she said, and showed West the enlargement of which peter had spoken.


Mrs Kite asked whether she might have a copy of what her son had said. When it was sent to her she replied: “I wish to thank you for sending me the transcription of your notes and also for your visit to me last Tuesday.

“I must apologise to you for the way in which I received you at first, which was due to my ignorance and fear of the supernatural, but want you now to realise how much I appreciate your desire to help me. My husband is also much impressed with all that you told me.

“At first, as you know, I was very sceptical, and still am much bewildered but must admit a feeling of serenity and comfort after your visit, which I have not experienced during many recent weeks.

“My husband and I acknowledge that the facts of the communications, some of which you could not possibly have been cognisant of, are in every way accurate.

“We are indebted to you and Mr Turner for the fulfilment of your obligation to our son, and the fresh hope you have given to us”.

* *  *

At this same séance, there was a conversation between a spirit and a sitter in Dutch, a language of which Flint is ignorant. Mickey, giving additional evidence, said to the man:

“Your wife is here and she has Peter with her. Peter was her dog: it was a Pekinese and it had something the matter with its eyes. You have a lock of hair in a locket. It is not her hair, but the dog's! She says it was buried at the bottom of the garden and she had a flower bed put around it, in memory.”

All this was accepted by the sitter as correct. It was evidence, he said, which was unknown to anyone in this country except himself.

Transcribed for the Trust by Paul Welsh - July 2020

Psychic News - May 31st 1941

After Dr Charles Marshall died in 1940,

his wife Blanche attended Leslie Flint séances to speak with her husband.

This article refers to the first two Flint séances that Mrs Marshall attended.

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Our grateful thanks go to Psychic News for their help in locating and giving permission to share some of these articles.